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                            "Look into the eyes of an animal...
What you look upon is a living spirit. Greet and respect it.
Appreciate it for what it is.
Ask yourself: What does it feel like to be this creature?
What does the world look like through its eyes?
... this is a creature who is alive and has desires like you. It walks the same ground and breathes the same air. It feels pain and enjoys its senses — the dazzling warmth of the sun, the cooling shade of the forests, the refreshing taste of pure water — as you do.
And in this we are all kin.
In that kinship, all life exists. Through that kinship we can find wholeness. Out of that kinship we can draw wisdom and understanding for the healing of our common home."

Unitarian Universalist minister Gary Kowalski

The horses we work and play with range from 2 years old to thirty-plus.
Our testimonials are Lily, 17; Dottie, 6; and Zena, 5. They are all rescues—and now tried and true members of our family.


Lily is a rescue mare from The Horse Shelter in Cerrillos, NM.  Severely abused, she would not let anyone appproach her without her running away or charging.
When we first saw her pacing in her paddock, Didi felt an instant bond.  Today Lily plays Parelli level three games, on line and at liberty.  She is aalso a trusted trail horse—oftentimes with a strong opinion of her own, however!




Dottie was truly our very first project in colt starting.  A left brain extrovert (in Parelli parlance), she is capable, amusing, creative, and sometimes too smart for all of us.  Given all of these qualities, Dottie is the mare we use to give lessons to our youngest and oldest riding students.  Always the mischief maker, Dottie will test the adults, and take amazing care of the youngsters.


Zena anad her "sister" Dottie were both young fillies when we met them at the New Mexico Horse Rescue at Walkin N Circles Ranch in Edgewood, NM.  Our first youngsters, we trained Zena and Dottie with the help of several coaches in the process of colt starting.  Zena is no longer the "warrior Princess."  We call her Zena Ballerina.

Serena came to us in April of 2014.  She is our first non-rescue horse.  In fact, we were looking at her for a client.  For the second time in my (Didi's) life, an animal spoke to me immediately in a mystical way. I think of Miss Serena as MY coach!  One of my life coaches--there are many.  I know the journey with Serena will be full of love and surprises.


Dottie and Zena at the 4 Winds "Health Club" - Mud applications, swimming, and a run

Horses learn that obstacles are not all monsters!

Richard and Didi use Dottie and Zena to give lessons to young and old.

Children learn on-line ground skills as well as riding skills.



The Horses at 4 Winds Equestrian Center
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