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 Somewhere in time's own space
There must be some sweet pastured place
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some paradise where horses go,
For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again.
~Stanley Harrison


"Whatever your purpose in riding, be sure that it includes the elements of fun and appreciation of your horse. Then you will be well on your way to becoming a true horseman."
Sheila Wall Hundt, Invitation to Riding

The above quote truly describes Richard and Didi Acosta's approach in working with horses and people.
Never have I met two people more dedicated to enjoying their life experiences and having the ability to share those experiences with others.  With their many combined years of teaching students in public schools and now sharing their equine knowledge and experiences with others, Richard and Didi continue to bring joy and peace to all those they meet. Live long and prosper, Richard and Didi, and "May the Horse Always be with You."
Colleen and John Novotny
4 Winds Equestrian Center
Estancia, New Mexico


Linda March and Bandit - June, 2013
Working with Richard and Didi has been such a wonderful reward for both Bandit and me. We now ride in harmony as horse and rider should.  Richard and Didi are teachers at heart and have inspired my horse and me with much more Patience, Confidence and Respect between one another.  We now have a great partnership and enjoy our time together. Thank you Rich and Didi!

Richard and Didi Acosta were the leaders of the Horses in Training Team at the New Mexico Horse Rescue at Walkin N Circles Ranch when I became a team member and adopted my horse, Jerry.  The team members learned so much about ground work and colt starting from the Acostas.  Walkin N Circles Ranch saw many adoptions as a result of the hard work and training which the horses received because these wonderful people cared to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.  They are inspirational trainers who have always taken the time to help solve problems.  We have spent many an hour together in the round pen working out one issue or the other.  Thank you, Didi and Richard.  Due to the start which you gave us, Jerry and I are out riding trails!  Holly Franklin - June, 2013


Holly and I have worked with Richard and Didi Acosta around horses for about three years. (Also, our two children remember them fondly as their teachers when they were in middle school).  The Acostas have extensive knowledge and experience with horses, and we have witnessed their skill at every stage of the game.   They assisted us with Pirelli methods in training our own horse successfully.  Thus, I would recommend them highly to anyone who needs assistance with horse training or riding.      Hayward H. Franklin - June, 2013


"I remember someone saying that if you look at a horseman's horse, you can see what kind of person he is. Didi and Richard are strong, rewarding and loving teachers. They have the ability to challenge and reward their students. Because of them my 4-year- old has learned how to respect horses and love them, and push her little self to learn more. They gave her confidence in her riding and working with an animal much much bigger than her. I have also learned to be confident in my own riding ability, and I still practice the methods I have learned with my own horse.

Maria Elena Barboa - July, 2013


Didi and Richard have brought so much joy to me and my precious Dulcinea. They were part of the original rescue team that saved Dulcinea from abandonment and taught her how to love and trust us humans and gave her her beautiful name. They have worked hard and taught not only her, but me, so much in the ways of horsemanship. They have been a blessing in more ways than I can count. Dulcinea has grown, prospered and blossomed with their continuous support and insight. At just 3 years old, Dulcinea is a safe, sound, inquisitive and loving mare. Without the continuous guidance and support from Didi and Richard, our journey would have been a different one. They are an incredible team that not only keeps the best interest of the horse in mind, but also the owner. Their approach and insight in training methods is superb, and they are the most fun loving, happy and lovely people to be around. I look forward to my weekly visits with them, and Dulcinea loves and trusts them unconditionally.
Diana Decker, Los Alamos, NM-April 3, 2014