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 “"The horse and rider are elemental.
They ride at the heart of the wind of God.
Where in my life do I need the Divine Force, My WindHorse, to carry me?”

J. Philip Newell


When we were in our twenties, our dream was to have a horse business—training, exercising, riding, playing—the whole equine enchilada!   Our families (city-folk all) told us we were crazy.  Now, 40 years later, we have realized our dream of training, exercising, and PLAYING with our own horses and those of our clients.  Hence the name: Crazy A—and we're loving every minute! 

We have been fortunate to learn our horsemanship with some great coaches:  Mike Sikorski of Corrales, NM; Colleen Novotny of 4 Winds, Petra Christensen and Lilann Roquet of Parelli fame, James Shaw, Tom Curtin, and countless friends and fellow riders who offer us new expertise every day.

We owe a great debt to The New Mexico Horse Rescue at Walkin N Cirlces Ranch in Edgewood, New Mexico.  It was at the Ranch where we gained invaluable experience as team leaders of Horses in Training.

Today we are retired from public school teaching and educational consulting.  Teaching 8th graders was our passion for thirty-nine years.  And now, move over, kids; our passion now blossoms as we teach horses and their owners!

  Richard and Didi Acosta